Partnering Opportunities

NovelMed is actively looking for pharma/venture partners to expedite commercialization of its drugs therapies.
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NovelMed has a portfolio of innovative antibodies with the potential to treat several different orphan and non-orphan diseases

Talk to us about your interests. Given the multitude of inflammatory-mediated diseases, our platform of antibodies may be able to satisfy your strategic or investment objectives.


NovelMed is currently seeking investments or partners to advance its pipeline of anti-complement antibodies, including our lead candidate which is set for Phase I clinical trials early next year. Our primary indicators are hematological disorder (PNH) and ocular disorder (AMD) but given the unique mechanism of action associated with our antibody platform it has the potential to address a number of clinical indications. NovelMed is open to discussions for the license of a subset, or the entire complement platform, for one or more indications.

Value Propositions:

  • Phase I clinical trials for our lead candidate are expected to start in 2014
  • Advanced stage antibody platform has the potential to address multiple indications
  • Strong intellectual property with a number of current and pending patents
  • Undiluted ownership structure


Partnering/Investment Process

If you have a strategic interest in the technologies being developed by NovelMed or are interested in investing, we invite you to call us.  Please contact us via email or phone at: 216-707-1776




A Little About Us

NovelMed Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that conducts cutting-edge research and develops therapeutics for complement-mediated diseases. As a company we are driven by our commitment to patients and a shared vision to provide innovative new therapies for unmet medical needs. We are focused on developing transformative treatment options for patients suffering from orphan and non-orphan diseases; paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH), age-related macular degeneration (AMD), arthritis (RA/OA), hemodialysis (HD), and cardiopulmonary bypass complications (CPB).

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