Partnering Opportunities
NovelMed is actively looking for pharma/venture partners to expedite
commercialization of its drug therapies.
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NovelMed is an early stage biotechnology company developing humanized monoclonal antibodies for rare diseases with a specific focus on blocking certain parts of the immune system involved in the disease process. We belive that focussed intervention of the complement system With our high affinity and high potency monoclonal antibodies is important for the treatment.

NovelMed is currently seeking investments or partners to advance its pipeline of anti-complement antibodies. Our target clinical indications are hematological disorder (PNH), ocular disorder (AMD), and inflammatory disorders but given the unique mechanism of action associated with our antibody platform it has the potential to address a number of clinical indications. NovelMed has also identified highly target specific monoclonal antibodies for identification of complement-mediated diseases. Such antibodies will be used for identifying complement-mediated diseases. NovelMed is open to discussions for the license of its antibodies. Learn more . . .

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