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NovelMed is actively looking for pharma/venture partners to expedite commercialization of its drugs therapies.
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NovelMed has a portfolio of innovative antibodies with the potential to treat several different orphan and non-orphan diseases

Talk to us about your interests. Given the multitude of inflammatory-mediated diseases, our platform of antibodies may be able to satisfy your strategic or investment objectives.

NovelMed - We are a cutting edge biotech

NovelMed Therapeutics is a privately-held biotechnology company developing novel therapies for orphan and non-orphan diseases with a specific focus on blocking certain parts of the immune system involved in the disease process.  With our unique portfolio of neutralizing monoclonal antibodies, NovelMed is targeting acute and chronic diseases with large market potential and unmet medical need.

We specialize in complement-based therapies.  Over the last decade, we have generated pre-clinical data and accumulated significant intellectual property to cover the discovery and development of our humanized antibody platform. As a result, we have created an exciting pipeline of therapeutic candidates. Our portfolio of therapeutic antibodies target non-orphan and orphan diseases and have the potential for a better safety and efficacy profile than currently marketed drugs. 
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NovelMed utilizes a unique R&D strategy which enables it to develop and evaluate antibodies that target specific proteins and processes within the complement system pathways.  Our portfolio of antibodies are filtered through a unique research pattern to identify best-fit candidates for further development to treat specific clinical indications.
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We have achieved remarkable success in advancing multiple antibodies that have a unique and superior mechanism of action compared to known alternative research and commercial programs. Our preclinical studies provide compelling evidence that these antibodies are likely to have a much higher level of efficacy than competing antibody therapies.  Moreover, our antibodies have the potential to be safer and have much easier dosing profile.
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We have generated significant pre-clinical data for commercialization of our drugs for the following indications:


NovelMed is developing novel therapies for PNH. We are actively looking for pharma/venture partners to expedite commercialization of our therapies. Learn More...


A Little About Us

NovelMed Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that conducts cutting-edge research and develops therapeutics for complement-mediated diseases. As a company we are driven by our commitment to patients and a shared vision to provide innovative new therapies for unmet medical needs. We are focused on developing transformative treatment options for patients suffering from orphan and non-orphan diseases; paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH), age-related macular degeneration (AMD), arthritis (RA/OA), hemodialysis (HD), and cardiopulmonary bypass complications (CPB).

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