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Who We Are

We are pioneers in the field of complement-mediated rare diseases. Our scientists are focused on discovering novel therapies for rare diseases in which the complement alternative pathway is a key driver of pathogenesis.

Unlike C3 and C5 blockers in the complement space, we focus on therapies that can intervene upstream in the complement system, selectively targeting the underlying pathway of each disease in question without compromising the host defense. One drug can target many diseases. We are continuously motivated by the needs of patients as we discover unique therapies for rare diseases. Every rare disease is unique, but their treatment may be similar to others if they fall under complement-mediated diseases to be treated by the same drug. Such opportunities are extremely exciting for innovators and drug developers. In essence, we would deliver one drug treating many diseases.

The complement system plays a central role in rare diseases. Dysregulation of the alternative pathway (innate immunity) has been implicated in the pathogenesis of a growing number of diseases, making it an attractive target for therapeutic intervention. NovelMed has a robust product-driven technology capable of producing a proprietary pipeline of novel therapeutic monoclonal antibodies to diagnose and treat complement-mediated diseases.

Fundamental to our current and future success is a multi-disciplinary approach through the discovery and development processes. With a talented and experienced team, NovelMed is poised to continue on its path to develop life-changing therapies for patients with unmet need.

Our lead product candidates:

Our first-in-class drug candidates selectively target the alternative pathway of complement . These novel biologics are supported by strong intellectual property and are at various stages in the drug development. Two antibodies have completed Phase I clinical trial and now moving to a Phase II clinical trial in PNH as the first indication in USA and other countries. Other complement-mediated diseases such as those relating to hematology, ophthalmology, neurology, and renal disorders can also be treated by these drugs. Given the limited scope of C3 and C5 blockers, our monoclonal antibodies are expected to produce a drug that can treat numerous complement-mediated and complement-associated diseases. Well differentiated mechanism of action is expected to make this monoclonal a unique treatment option.
Other biologic drug candidates are in IND phases of the drug development.

We are excited to move towards clinical validation of our drugs and welcome collaborators and partners who share our vision.

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Research & Development

Our technology for selectively targeting the alternative pathway is supported by numerous  issued patents. Our know-hows and trade secrets protect the selection, identification, development, and manufacturing of our drugs suited for complement-mediated diseases. Our portfolio of drugs has undergone a rigorous re-iterative selection process to identify the best-fit candidates for a specific disease.

We have achieved remarkable success in advancing our drugs with novel mechanisms of action compared to those that are FDA approved or in development. Our current success in pre-clinical, pharmacological, toxicological, and clinical studies is a testament to the quality of our lead selected candidates. Our success in creating high concentration formulations along with longer half-life of our antibodies warrants the development of subcutaneously administered drug candidates providing easier dosing schedule for all chronic indications. 

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