Rigorous science for treating rare diseases

Product Pipeline

The complement alternative pathway (AP) is activated in numerous chronic diseases related to hematological, renal, neurological, inflammatory and ocular disorders. Our intellectual property addresses these diseases, and with time we plan to target additional diseases where our drug candidates are expected to demonstrate therapeutic efficacy.
Our high affinity and highly potent antibodies selectively block the AP without affecting the classical pathway (CP). The CP remain fully functional and its functions such as opsonization and bacterial clearance remain intact.
Numerous molecules of C3a, C3b, C5a, C5b and MAC are produced via AP in disease state. Our lead drug candidates block the formation of each one of these molecules, via AP, to benefit in a variety of chronic diseases.

Our laboratory model systems have proven that our clinical candidates would effectively treat complement-mediated diseases. Our current therapeutic antibody landscape is unique and tailored to treat rare diseases that continue to have an unmet need despite treatment. Our drug candidates selectively block the alternative pathway and leave the classical pathway intact for host defense, which is critical to keep patients free of infections during treatment under chronic conditions.
Two lead candidates (NM8074 and NM5072) have completed phase I trial in healthy volunteers. Multiple Phase II trials have been registered at www.clinicaltrials.gov. We continue to file for regulatory approval for various other clinical indications listed below.

Clinical Indications