Ocular inflamatory disorders

Innovation based strategy as a game changer for Uveitis

Ocular Inflammation

Uveitis is an orphan disease. Not a single drug is available to treat Uveitis which causes impaired vision. A collection of many different ocular conditions are collectively called uveitis (pan-uveitis, anterior and posterior uveitis). The main complications of Uveitis include but not limited to eye pressure, cataracts, synchiae, macular Edema, vitritis inflammation, and glaucoma. While there is no definite treatment for Uveitis, currently the disease is managed by agents including; corticosteroid, cyclosporin, and azathioprine to name a few. Anti-TNF intravitreal injections have also been used without much success. It is therefore reasonable to believe that a drug that blocks formation of various anti-inflammatory agents would be critical to control inflammation in many ocular inflammatory disorders including those mentioned here. We believe that agents such as NM8074 could control inflammation in many ocular disorders based on its mechanism of action.

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